Introduction: Dell 990 Front Io Fix

So the dell 990 Front Io Cable Error it annoying so lets fix it.


2.5 to 3.5 Inch ide adapter

Cutting tools


soldering iron, flux and solder

Step 1: The Fastest Way

You can modify the dell plug from the front io panel by taking the dell plug and just cut off the end, strip and twist the correct wires together using the diagram.

Step 2: Cutting the Fat

So if you are modifying the 2.5 to 3.5 ide adapter the first thing to do is to remove the rubber cover on the adapter.

two find a cutting tool like Dremel or a small saw and file

cut the adapter down to 17 pins across like this

Step 3: Jumping the Points

Using this diagram you can solder the wire to the points, make sure that the wires are on the adapter in the right places or the thing will not work

Step 4: Changing the Hd Audio Plug

using the tip of a knife or a small flat head screw driver lift up the tabs on the hd audio plug and remove the wire then put them back in, in the right order using the diagram

Step 5: Where to Buy a Finished Part

Here is where to buy a finished adapter