Dell E171FP Teardown

Introduction: Dell E171FP Teardown

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So, you want to tear down your old Dell monitor? Maybe for parts, maybe you want to change something in it. Well here's how it's done.

Step 1: Taking the Foot Off

The first step is quite simple. Here we take the foot off, of the monitor.

There are four screws, marked with yellow circles. Take these out, and the foot should come right off.

Step 2: Breaking the Housing Apart

Next, you'll need a flat headed screw driver. You'll have to pry the two elements apart from each other, by sticking in the screwdriver, in between the housing parts. slowly go around the monitor, prying it open.

Step 3: Inside the Monitor

Removing the plastic housing, you'll find the screen itself, and a metal housing containing all of the electronics. The electronics housing, is attached to the screen itself, with small screws in the side. Removing these screws, you should be able to lift up the housing, exposing the wiring.

The two small connectors you see on the back of the screen itself, are connected to the narrow circuit board, and will need to be disconnected. This is done by removing the yellow glue, that secures the connection. And pulling the connectors out from the circuit board.

The wide blue and white cable set, is to the back of the screen and will also need to be disconnected. This is done the same way, as with the two smaller ones. However, the cable is also secured with a plastic holder, glued to the back of the screen. This is removed by using a flat headed screwdriver, prying the plastic piece off of the screen.

Step 4: Taking Out the Electronics

Now, you'll be taking out the electronics.

For this, you'll need:

- Screwdriver, with a phillips head

- Soldering iron

First, using the screwdriver, remove all the screws marked with yellow.
Next: disconnect the connectors marked with red.
-You should be able to remove all of the circuit board, except the PSU (Power Supply Unit) in the middle.
Lastly, you'll need to desolder the brackets, holding the PSU in place. You might have to pry it off, while applying heat to the solder. Changing between the two brackets, until it comes off.

Now, the last thing you need, is to pry off the circuit board. This might be a bit tricky, as the AC plug might be stuck in the metal in the back. It might need some convincing, before it comes off.

Step 5: Breaking the Screen Apart.

First, using a small phillips head screwdriver, you'll have to remove the screws, marked with yellow circles.

The small piece of aluminum, protecting the circuit board should come right off.

Next the black plastic piece, surrounding the screen needs to be pried off. Either using a flat headed screw driver, or your nails like i did. Pulling off this piece, should allow you to take out the LCD screen itself, along with the piece of acrylic plastic glass, and all of the smaller plastic "papers"

Step 6: Done!

That should be it. Now you can take what parts you need, or replace something that's broken.

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