Introduction: Dell Mouse Mod

Make it lighter and quieter
materials needed:
1 dell mouse
1 screwdriver
thats it

This is my first instructible so please go easy on me and yes these pictures are bad but that is because i used my razor.

Step 1: Open It Up

This is simple just remove the screw that is on the bottom and lift the back up CAREFULLY and pull the top back GENTLY!!!

Step 2: Lightening Up the Mouse

Push the barbs on the lid together and pull up on the back of the buttons.
After this has been done you can push up on the keys in such a way that it bends the mouse buttons in such a way that it undoes the wear and tear that you have put on the mouse before now.
after you have done that take off the metal weight that is held on by a screw and set it aside incase you do not like the mod


remove the scroll wheel assembly CAREFULLY so as to not lose anything and take the scroll wheel and remove the spring that is not on the scroll wheel itself and SAVE IT. cant really stress that enough
After that put the scroll wheel assembly back together with out the annoyance spring and thats it for this step.

Step 4: Close It Up

put the top on the bottom of the mouse and wiggle the top back into place and then screw it back together .
hope you like the way it moves after this mod!