Denim Wallet




Introduction: Denim Wallet

Do you still have those scraps from my last project? Well now you can use those scraps to make a brand new wallet like this!

Step 1: Materials

You will need:
Denim scraps from our last project
Pens and Markers
Needle and Thread
Old wallet
Money to put in your new wallet
A Button

Step 2: Patterns

Trace your wallet patterns one the paper and cut them out. make one of you long wallet paterns shorter than the other this isnt important but i like this better. like this

Step 3: More Patterns

Trace the patterns onto the denim and cut the denim out.

Step 4: Put It All Together

sew your longer patterns together like this. see how one part is longer than the other thats what you want. i sewed mine wrong your supposed to have them inside out and then sew them up and turn them the right way but i forgot about that. but i still turned out fine.

Step 5: Button

Add a button to one side of your wallet. if you dont know how to sew on a button look it up on youtube, instructables, or google cause its to hard to explain. sorry :(

Step 6: The Slit

Put a slit in the other end of your wallet to button everything together.

Step 7: Ta Daa

Now you have a wallet. Decorate it any way you would like

Step 8:

if you have any feed back please feel free to comment or personal message me. send me pics of your wallets I would love to see them. some of the pictures on my steps are wrong my computer is being weird today. sorry about the inconvenient.

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