Introduction: Deodorant Can Gun

This instructable shows you how to make a simple gun with a deodorant can.

First, you need to gather the following items:

1.) One deodorant can (I used lynx)
2.) One Texta pen.
3.) Scissors
4.) Sharp Knife (Optional)

Step 1: Pulling Apart the Texta.

Using your fingers, pull the little gold cap off the end of the texta. Keep this as it will be used later. After you have taken the cap off, pull out all of the insides from the pen. The part of the pen that you write with can be tricky to pull out. Scissors can be used to yank it out if needed. These parts will not be needed again and can be put in the rubbish.

Step 2: Flaring the End of the Texta

Using the scissors, flare the writing end of the Texta. This is done by inserting the scissors into the hole where the writing part used to be and twisting slowly. The end of the Texta only needs to be big enough to fit over the nozzle of the deodorant can, so be careful you don't over flare it. A knife could also be used to do this.

Step 3: Preparing the Can

In this instructable, I used a lynx can. Any can can be used as long as the part you press to make the deodorant come out can be removed to expose the little nozzle underneath. To remove this part, gently twist and pull on it until it gives. If you are careful, you can put it back on when and use the deodorant again when finished.

Step 4: Preparing the Texta

To get your texta ready for firing, grab the little gold cap and push it back into where it came out of the texta until it is stick about halfway in.

Step 5: Fire Away!

Your deodorant gun is now ready to fire. All you need to do is insert the little nozzle on the deodorant can into the flared end of the texta. Gently push back with the texta until the gold cap shoots out of the texta!
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