Deodorant Powered Rocket!

Introduction: Deodorant Powered Rocket!

This Deodorant powered Rocket flies sufficiently high.

Step 1: Materials Required.

For Making this Rocket, You'll need following materials:

  1. PVC Pipe 1ft. long and 3.5 inch Diameter.
  2. A flexible thin cardboard.(To make body of rocket)
  3. two thick cardboard rings.(Slightly bigger than circumference of PVC pipe.)
  4. A Deodorant(Flammable).
  5. A Soft Drink Bottle.
  6. A gas Lighter or any spark generating device.

Step 2: Making Body of the ROCKET.

  1. Wrap the Thin cardboard around the PVC pipe.(Keep it Slightly Loose so that it can take off easily) and join the two ends to make a cylindrical body.

2. Add the two cardboard strips at the two ends. so that it can retain its perfect Cylindrical shape and also it gives strength to the body.

2. Cut the Bottle Neck and attach it to one of the ends of the body of the ROCKET.

Step 3: Making the Launcher.

1.Close the PVC pipe from one end using tape or cardboard.

2. Make a hole about three inches above the closed end.

3.Diameter of the hole should be such so that it just fits the lighter in and no leakage is there. (if the hole is bigger add tape around the lighter to make it fit in)

Step 4: Making and Adding Fins to the ROCKET.

Make Fins (4) to make your flight straight.

  1. Cut the fins out of thin cardboard.
  2. Attach them to the Body of ROCKET. and cut them and fold them to side slightly so that it make a straight flight and goes rotating.

Step 5: Final Touch and Prepaing the Launch!!

Paint your Rocket and See the Magic.

To Make it Fly

  1. put in the spark generator and see to it if there is any gap for leakage.
  2. spray some deodorant in the PVC pipe. from above and put the rocket from above. and light the spark.
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    7 years ago

    This has got to be the most unsafe thing I've seen. Your going to get sued


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Oh and you never showed how to build the launcher or what it is made of. All that you said was a piece of PVC. What size? How long? What type. Should it be non bubble core? Because bubble core can explode. You need to add a safety warning also. Don't publish unfinished instructable's. Remember you are her to show people HOW to build things not to show off or just win contests.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Ok first off, you don't explain what type of deodorant you are using. Secondly you don't have listed what type of spark generator you are using. Nor do you show where it goes or how to add it to your launcher. Thirdly you don't explain how to use the propellant or how much. Fourthly you never give a full parts list. You need to redo this and EXPLAIN things. People cannot vote for an incomplete instructable.