Introduction: Deodorant Safe

I dislike throwing away potentially useful things. Deodorant/Antiperspirant sticks are tubes filled with glorious chemicals that make humans smell less stinky. But we tend to toss the plastic away and that fills our landfills.

So, let's do something useful with them: Turn them into a secret storage area for storing your money or other bling!

Step 1: Things You'll Need

A mostly-used container of deodorant close to the end of the stick.

A small piece of plastic wrap.

A screwdriver.


Dremel tool OR a sturdy file.

Step 2: Deal With the Deodorant Cake

Carefully remove the remaining deodorant cake by completely screwing the knob at the bottom until it comes out.

Place the cake onto the plastic and carefully cut a region around it that is a bit larger than the cake.

Set aside. This will be reinserted eventually. The plastic creates a separation layer between the leftover (and slightly gross) cake and the items being hidden.

Step 3: Pop the Base

Use the flat head screwdriver to remove the base. It is easiest to remove by inserting the screwdriver into the base as shown.

It's all about the base, 'bout that base, 'bout that base...

Step 4: Snap the Stem

Using the scissors to start the process of snapping the stem at a decent point. Then bend back and it should snap cleanly.

Step 5: Cleaning Time

Now that the cake is removed and the parts are ready for assembly, it is time to clean the base and the inside. There's probably a lot of gunk from the cake on the walls and in the base. And it probably smells like deodorant. Hot, soapy water and some patience will eventually get it all nice and clean.

Step 6: Smooth One Side

In order to make it easy to open and close, use a Dremel tool to smooth out one side where the base snaps into place. The base will still snap into place but won't require a screwdriver to insert or remove it.

Step 7: Insert the Cake

Remember that prepared cake from earlier? Now is the time to put it and the plastic back into place. Carefully insert it so that the plastic disappears from sight and the cake looks normal.

Step 8: Add Valuables

Here's the fun part where you insert your valuables (aka your bling). The amount of space available depends on the size of the container.

Step 9: Insert the Base

It is easiest to insert the base at an angle and then gently snap it into place. Make sure the knob rotates freely. Find a good hiding spot where no one will suspect that it contains anything other than your deodorant.

Almost no one will attempt to use it because who uses used deodorant that someone else has used? Nasty!

Finally, revel in the knowledge that you did all of this for far less than the $16 you could have spent on a similar product elsewhere.

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