Introduction: Deployable Wooden Bridge From VG100 Introduction to Engineering, UM-JI Joint Institute

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Step 1: ​Make the Triangles

Make the triangles

1.1. Glue one end of an A type splint. Then attach it to a B type splint in the middle and make A perpendicular to B.

*Tips: Press the joint a bit longer to make it fixed.

1.2. Glue both ends of a C type splint. Fix one end on B and the other end under A.

1.3. Glue both ends of another C type splint and fix them on A and B respectively.

1.4. Glue another B type splint and overlap it on the previous structure.

1.5 Now you finish one and follow steps above to make another 3 triangles.

Step 2: Make the Arches

Make the arches.

2.1 Glue both ends of a D type strip. Stick them to corners of two triangles made in step1. (Therefore, the triangles are connected via D.)

2.2. Glue one face of an E type strip and attach it to D parallelly.

*Tips: Make sure E also overlap the corners of triangles.

2.3. Fix another D type strip on the other side of triangles as step2.1.

2.4. Get another two E type strips and glue both ends. Fix them on B and next to A. *Tips: Make sure two strips are placed symmetrically.

2.5. Connect the top vertexes of the two triangles by a G type strip.

2.6. Repeat 2.1 to 2.5 another arch.

*Tips: Be aware that the dimensions of are different.

2.7. Glue one face of a small wood block I, and tick it to the middle of D at the edge of arch 1.

2.8. Cover beams with wood deck.

*Tips: Pay attention to the piece in the middle of the arches have cuts in two opposite edges.

2.9. The final view of the arches:

Step 3: Fix DC Motors on Arch 1

Fix DC motors on arch 1

3.1. Knock pins through the holes in the swing arm of a DC motor into the vertex with single strip of the arch 1.

*Tips: The swing arm is vertical to strip F.

3.2. Knock in a small wood block to the pin in order to protect people.

3.3. Press pins through the holes in the swing arm of a DC motor and fix it to a small wood block. Curve the tip of the pins.

3.4. Glue the small wood block in 3.3 to the middle of the F strip in arch 1. The spring arm is parallel to the one in 3.3. Their relative position is shown below:

Step 4: Get Arch 2 Prepared

Get arch 2 prepared

4.1. Glue two DC motors on the D strip of arch 2 corresponding to the position of swing arms in arch 1.

4.2. Fix the hinges

4.2.1. Cut a thin wood block that is corresponding to the size of a hinge. Glue the block on the hinge.

(Figures continued in the next page)

4.2.2. Repeat 4.2.1 to another hinge.

4.2.3. Glue the two hinges on the E type strip of arch 2 by the side that isn’t stuck to the block.

4.3. Tie a string to the middle of strip G in arch 2.

Step 5: Make the Base

Make the base

5.1. Glue a J type block vertically and near the midpoint of one side of the base.

5.2. Glue on both ends a K type block(angular). Fix it on the base to support J.

5.3. Drill four holes on base.

*Tips: Refer to the blueprint to figure out the dimensions.

5.4. Glue a gear motor to the top of J. The gear motor and K are on the opposite faces of the J block.

5.5. Tie the other end of the string in 4.3 to the output shaft of the gear motor.

*Tips: Make sure the string is tightened.

5.6. Glue the sides without thin wood blocks of the two hinges on the bridge’s base.

The final view of the bridge’s base and arch 2:

Step 6: Final View

You have finished all the steps, congratulations!

Step 7: Further Information

You can find more details and information in our project manual.

Thank you!