Introduction: DepotDevoid's Depot Devoid of Cleanliness

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Welcome to the former garage that is my combination workshop and laundry room!   This is the place I spend all the time I possibly can, head phones playing a little Skeptoid and hands busy building something new. 

Click this link: THIS ONE!!! to see a full 360 degree panorama of the shop! 

Follow along the next several steps for details of my shrine to clutter.  Check the image notes!

Step 1: Workbench: North Arm

Step 2: Workbench: Northwest Corner

Step 3: Workbench: West Arm

Step 4: Corner of Doom #1

Step 5: Poorly Utilized Space

Step 6: The "Stuff" Drawers

I know I've mentioned these drawers in previous instructables, they're where all my bits and pieces go, to be used later in various projects.

Step 7: Laundry Zone

Step 8: Corner of Doom #2

Step 9: Ceiling Storage

Step 10: Full Circle, or Final Thoughts

Again, take a look at the 360 degree view:  HERE!

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Many thanks to user egkhoury for his excellent instructable on how to make your own 360 degree panorama!

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