Introduction: Depth Spinner

The end result should be something that will mess with your mind and eyes. When done, you spin it and after 20 seconds of looking at it, look at a blank wall and it will appear as if it is coming towards you.


- 9x9x.25 in piece of wood

- A drill

- Paper & Printer

- Liquid glue

- Sharpie

- Woodcutter

- Sanding tools

- Clamps

- A screw between sizes 1-2 inches

- A bolt to fit on the screw mentioned above

- Flat head Screw Driver

- Wrench

Step 1: Get Your 9x9x.25 Piece of Wood

I used one larger than that, but all you need is a 9x9x.25 inch piece of wood. From there you draw your circle so that you can cut.

Step 2: Clamp and Cut

Here you will Clamp your piece of wood to the table and cut with the wood cutter. You will have to re-adjust the wood a couple of times so that you can make a full circle when you cut. The end product should be a circle, and now you can sand the edges to make it smooth.

Step 3: Print and Glue

Now, you can take a screenshot of the first picture in this step and print it from your computer. Once printed, you cut out the circle and glue it to the piece of wood you just cut. Make sure the paper is even to the piece of wood when gluing. If it is not, just sand down the wood to that it is even with the paper.

Step 4: Screw

Now, drill a small pilot hole in the middle of the spiral on your wood. Then you begin to screw the 1-2 inch screw into the wood. when its all the way through, you screw your bolt to the back of the wood. You may need to use a wrench and flathead screwdriver to tighten the wood safely and tightly between the screw and the bolt.

Step 5: Fasten Wood to Drill and Have Fun!

Now, you get your drill and fasten the part of the screw sticking out to the part of the drill where you would normally insert a drill bit. Now test by spinning and stopping the drill to make sure the wood will not fly off. Now, try it out and enjoy! Make sure to look 20 seconds at the spinning wood, then at the wall to feel its full effects.

I would also like to thank the San Francisco Exploratorium For giving me this idea, it is an exhibit that I re-created and the directions can also be found on their site as well!