Introduction: Desert Ecosystem Out of Candy

For my science project I had to make a desert out of candy! I also had to write and Instructable about it. So I did this.


You Will Need

  • Starburst ( I used minis)
  • Gram crackers
  • Chocolate chunks
  • a Reese
  • A printer (or you can just draw it)
  • toothpicks
  • tape
  • caramel
  • Some different colored gummies (you can use bears, worms or circles)
  • a low sided pan

Step 1: The Sand

Get a pan. The size doesn't really matter just know that the bigger the pan the more gram crackers you need.Crumble up gram crackers and put them on the bottom of the pan.

Step 2: Rocks

For small rocks chocolate chunks and scatter them thought the desert if you want a bigger rock use a Reese.

Step 3: Cactuses

Print out a few pictures of cactuses (if you don't have a printer you can draw them). Cut them out and tape a toothpick onto the back. Leave a small bit peeking out from the bottom. Stick the end of the toothpick into a gummy and put them into the desert.

Step 4: Snake

Kneed starburst and roll it into a long tube then make it curvy and put it into the sand. I made two snakes.

Step 5: Scorpion

Pinch the corners of the starbursts and point them down roll half of a starburst into line and use it as a tail. Add the tail onto the scorpion and put it into the sand.

Step 6: Gecko

Get a green gummy, cut it in half, make the ends pointy and put it into the desert.

Step 7: Tortoise

kneed some orange starbursts and make them into a dome. Roll some yellow starbursts into strips and attach them to the bottom of the dome. Make a yellow sphere for the head and add it to the desert.

Step 8: Jackrabbit

Get a caramel and make it round (sort of an oval). Cut a starburst in half shape, them into two rabbit ears. Stick them on to the caramel and add a tiny pink starburst piece for the nose.

Step 9: Cactus Wren

kneed a piece of starburst, shape it into a lightning bolt, curve it a little near one of the ends and put in on top of a cactus.