Introduction: Design Wood Log Shelf

Hey, want to store your wood logs close to your stove, but you want something fancy ?

Let's do it !

I wanted it to be mounted on the wall in order to keep the floor clean, and it looks nice.

I'll show you how to do this design but it's easily adaptable to other dimensions.

It's my first real metal project, so I've learn a lot about welding, grinding, and doing it again.

Please excuse my English mistakes, it's not my mother tongue...

Step 1: The Design - What You Need

I designed it using a 3D modelling soft, in order to get all my dimensions ready to order.

It's made with a back protecting plate, and a central vertical post.

The smaller horizontal tubes go through the vertical post and will be welded from the back and front of the vertical tube, to assure a good stiffness of the assembly.

I made it 1 meter tall and 500mm wide.

To get the material, I directly ordered cut sheets and tube at the right dimensions to a recycled metal seller.

I asked my local workshop to bend the 3mm thick sheets at a 45° angle, following the drawing attached.

Here are the details of what you need :

Material :

A 1000mm by 500mm, 1.5mm thick sheet

8 times a 250x350mm, 3mm sheet

4 squares tubes of 30x30mm, 2mm thick, 350mm long

1 square tube of 60x30mm, 2mm thick, 1000mm long

3 mounting screws for the wall (resin fixing), depending on your walls material

Some rubber protection for metal sheets edges.

Tools :

Welding magnets squares

Drill with big metal drill bits

Jigsaw with blades for metal


Welding station

Protection :

Gloves !

Glasses !

Ear protection

Non inflammable clothes

Step 2: Cut and Drill !

First big step is to make square holes in the vertical post, in order to get the tubes to go trough.

I drilled 4 holes at each corner of the 30x30mm hole, the used a jigsaw with a metal blade to cut the square.

You'll be surprised : it cuts very well through the 2 mm tick tube.

Weld the 30x30mm tubes to the 60x30 one. I used a magnetic angle to hold it perpendicular, then weld it on the front and the back. Be careful to stay flush with the back of the 60x30mm tube. Use your grinder if necessary.. (sorry no pictures for this step).

then cut the angle of the shelf in order to get a good assembly.

The four corners of the back plate are cut at a 45° angle to make it nice.

Step 3: Weld All the Things !

Use a magnetic angle to hold your shelves strait.

I won't give anyone welding lessons, but remember that : your weld can be super ugly but still strong, and your grinder can help you a lot to correct your mess !

Be careful to not over heat the back thin sheet, as it will bend and not come back in place.

I've welded every shelf from under, so the welds will be more discrete. You can use small point welds, no need to weld all along the edges.

I've added small plates to cover the end of the tubes.

Hey, after that, the big and messy part is done !

Step 4: Paint It

I've applied a black paint, made for metallic gates. My paint work with a paintbrush is a bit nasty, I would recommend to use an aerosol paint instead.

I've used an aerosol varnish after that, protecting the paint and improving the finish.

Step 5: Mount It to Your Wall, and Protect the Edges

Depending on your wall, you might adapt the fasteners.

I've got bricks walls, so I used a resin fixing, with 3 times Ø8mm bolts.

Be careful, the shelf itself weight around 50kg, and when full of wood, it could weight more than 500kg (if your wood is not dry, which I don't recommend !)

The vertical tube is drilled with a back 8mm hole, and 14mm on the front, so the screw head will be inside the tube and not visible.

The rubber edge protection is used on the two bottom shelf, because of small children. I've found it at my local workshop. Just put it on and it's done !

I've added some logs for decorative purpose during the summer. Be careful to not store too much wood which could bring bugs inside your house...

Feel free to comments with advices for all the beginners metal-makers like me ! I'll be entering the metal contest, please vote for me :)

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