Introduction: Design a Flower Vase on Sketchup

Instructions on how to design a flower vase on SketchUp. Can be easily 3D printed on your own 3D printer, on a website like or

Step 1: Download Sketchup

If you do not have SketchUp already, you will need to download it here:

Step 2: Open SketchUp

Open the software and choose the template "Interior and Production Design: Millimeters".

Step 3: Delete the Placeholder

There is a man that appears as a default on the opening screen. Left click on him and then click "Erase".

Step 4: Lay the Foundation

Go to the toolbar at the top of the screen and click on the "Shapes" icon. The picture of this icon can be found above. Click on the arrow to scroll down and then select the "Polygon" shape. This will select a pentagon.

Step 5: Bring Cursor to the Origin

Bring the cursor to the origin (yellow dot will indicate you have reached the origin). Then drag the pentagon to the dimensions you like or simply type the number 3000 and click enter to indicate that a diameter of 3000 mm is desired.

Step 6: Extrude Up

Click the extrude button on the toolbar and pull the foundation up with the cursor. Then type the number 8000 to design the vase for a height of 8000 mm. Click enter to confirm the 8000 mm dimension. After pulling up the figure will look the one above.

Step 7: Spiral the Vase

To give the vase some style, click on the "Rotate" icon on the toolbar and then select the center of the top face of the vase. After clicking once on the center ( you will know you are at the center when a blue dot appears by your cursor) drag the cursor to one of the sides of the vase ( it does not matter which one). This is likely to be the most difficult part of the design process so please follow the steps above closely.

After you have done this, drag the cursor to create a spiral or type the number 90 and then click enter to design for a 90 degree spiral.

Step 8: Create Opening in Vase

Your vase should now look like the vase above.

Now, click on the "Shapes" icon and scroll down to select the circle. Once the circle has been selected, click again on the center of the top face of the vase. You will once again know if you have reached the center of the face if a blue dot appears by your cursor.

Expand the circle diameter with your cursor or type the diameter 800 and then click enter to design for a 800 mm diameter circle opening in the vase.

Step 9: Extrude the Circle

Select the circle you just created by first clicking on the "mouse" icon in the toolbar and then clicking on the circle. Once you have the circle selected, click on the "extrude" icon and drag the circle downwards and then enter the number 1000 to create a cavity inside of the vase.

After completing this step, you will now have a vase designed on SketchUp!