Introduction: Design and 3D Print a Bottle Opener With Fusion 360

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Design a custom bottle opener using these easy to follow step-by-step instructions .

We will guide you through designing a bottle opener in Fusion 360 and preparing it for 3D printing. Fusion is available for download at

Step 1: Sketch Penny Holder

1. Sketch > Create Sketch

2. Select Bottom Plane

3. Sketch > Center Diameter Circle: 35mm

4. Sketch > Line across the innter circle

5. Sketch > Sketch Dimensions

i. Select the line from 1d and the origin

ii. Type in 6.5mm

f. Stop Sketch

Step 2: Extrude Penny Holder

1. Modify > Press Pull

2. Select Bottom area of circle

3. Extrude: 2mm, Symmetric

4. Press OK

Step 3: Sculpt Body

1. Start Sculpt

2. Extrude Sculpt Cylinder

a. Create > Extrude

b. Turn on Sketch 1 in the Browser

c. Select Center diameter circle from 1c

d. See figure for suggested dialogue inputs

Step 4: Thicken Body

1. Modify > Thicken

2. Select body

3. Thickness: 5mm

Step 5: Edit Form

1. Modify > Edit Form

2. Select Faces, lines, and verticals and use the handle to make adjustments. Get creative!

Step 6: Finish Form

1. Finish Form

Step 7: Model Penny Cutout

1. Combine Bodies

a. Modify > Combine

b. Select both bodies and join them together

2. Sketch Penny Cutout

a. Start Sketch

b. Select Flat Face of Penny Holder Body

c. Sketch > center rectangle

i. Center Point on the origin

ii. Length: 20mm

iii. Width: 1.85mm

d. Stop Sketch

3. Extrude Penny Cutout

a. Modify > Press Pull

b. Select Rectangle Profile from 9c

c. Cut: 15mm

4. Add Text (optional)

a. Sketch > Text

b. Select Top Face of Penny Holder

c. Enter Text

d. Modify > Press Pull

i. Height: 1mm

ii. Operation: Join

Step 8: Model Add Hole

1. Create and Place Hole

a. Create > Hole

b. Select Sculpted Body near the edge

c. Diameter: 6mm, Extents: All

2. Save your design!

a. Click Make

b. Select your unified body (make sure everything is highlighted!)

c. Uncheck “Send to Utility”, Save as .STL file