Introduction: Design and Build an Didactic Ukulele.

So, this instructable basically shows how you can make a didactic ukulele. To achieve this, a CNC and a 3D printer were used that manufactured the parts designed in Fusion 360.


  1. Arduino nano
  2. 220 ohm resistor (48)
  3. Push button (44)
  4. LEDs (44)
  5. L293D Quadruple Half-H Driver (1)
  6. Speaker
  7. 7.4 to 11.1 V Battery
  1. Screw M3 x 12 (40)
  2. Nuts M3 (15)
  3. Screw M2 x 8 (20)
  4. Triplay .1 inch
  5. 1 Kg PLA translucent

Step 1: Understand the Idea

To better understand the idea here are some simple diagrams and tables of the Project

In this case it was chosen to have 7 frets and the single string. It was decided to have an LED and a button for each note and have buttons that turn on each of the notes.

Step 2: Cut and Print the Parts.

The files used are in the following link


Step 3: Wire and Assemble

Be aware for further improvements