Introduction: Design for My Ammo Backpack to Be Used With a Nerf Vulcan

Ok so first of all i would like to say that this is still in the theoretical stages and i will be updating this as i get useful information. I haven't even begun a prototype yet. What follows are my notes up to this point if any one has any ideas that might help I'd be glad to hear them.

Step 1: Basic Idea Behind the Design

A box worn on ones back, in a backpack-esque way,  that feeds the Vulcan a loaded belt from over ones left shoulder and takes up the slack that runs under ones right arm.

Step 2: Basic Design

In the center of the box is a single axle, this axle has a divider around its center that serves to make two internal cavities, each sharing the same axle. The cavity closest to the carrier would start out by being filled with a belt, with rounds numbering in the hundreds, wrapped clock wise around the axle, to which the belt is attached, this cavity would have a chute that led outwards positioned above the wearers left shoulder. After the belt left the output cavity it would run a short distance to the Vulcan, most likely being wielded around the waist, then, after being fired, would run a short distance to an intake chute located near the carrier’s right hip. Once inside the intake chute the belt would be led to the secondary cavity where it would again be attached to the central axle. As the weapon was fired the axle would rotate clockwise causing the belt that had been pulled into the intake chute to wrap around the axle. The design is meant to minimize the stress put on the gears and motor of the Vulcan by not forcing it to hold the weight of the dangling belt.

Step 3: Side Notes

I believe that, financially speaking, it would be wiser to attempt this build if one could also make the belt for the Vulcan from some sort of piping.

I believe the addition of 3 or 4 feet of webbing to both sides of the belt would maximize the number of rounds that could effectively be used from the belt.

Obviously could be decked out and given wicked paint job for intimidation factor

Upping the output of the Vulcan with the addition of such large ammo stores could be quite the threat

May have some intake issues when changing from webbing to cartridges that are being taken up

Some sort of internal part of the output chute will be necessary in order to turn the belt the necessary 90 degrees

Step 4: Additional Ideas Meant to Maximize Use

Have a unit added to the bottom that can carry spare clips or weapons

Integrate a tactical vest or even use bandoliers as the shoulder strap system to add even more additional storage

Have other holders added for more storage of things from water to a small first aid kit, just in case, or for more ammo though it may be unreachable when worn, could be used by others in the squad.

Possibly add flashlights to the shoulder area for night time wars

Could increase size to create a shield around ones back

Add some kind of tubing or something that would run to and from the Vulcan for clean feeding, might pose some problem with maneuverability

A quick release system in case ditching the pack is best option to stay alive or ammo runs out