Design Holder Toothbrush

Introduction: Design Holder Toothbrush

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i made this design because i wanted something different in the my bathroom. i was bored a toothbrush already exist in the market. and i have idea for make my design. my design simple, maybe look like nice design.

Step 1: Design Holder

i create design toothbrush similar with a glass, but with holder toothbrush, check images. not only that, the design that i created can also afixed to the wall. so if you want attach to the wall, foot buffer is opened and mave to aside. i'm design using software blender. and i'm attach file export *.stl. so if you want create and printed with my file, you must some modified to fit.

Step 2: What You Want Place ?

what you want to place this is ? attach on wall or table ?

you can place it where you like to place. if one day you borred place this toothbrush on table you can attach to wall with screw.

Step 3: Finall

finally i have new toothbrush in my bathroom, i like this. if you want create, i suggest to add place a soap.

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