Introduction: Design the Bracelet in Fusion 360 and Produce It in Gold With a 3D Printer

I really wanted to create an object in the 3D printer in gold. Just to see what the quality was like. But you can't just print a cube or a test object here. The material is simply too expensive for that.

So I decided to design a centerpiece for a bracelet and send it to a 3D printing service provider.

I was too expensive for me in the end. I just had it gold-plated and had another part printed in polished stainless steel.

Unfortunately my photos can't show how good the printout has become. I am really enthusiastic.

Step 1: Design It in Fusion 360

This is my very first project with the free form modeler in Fusion 360. It is certainly not everything perfect or right what and how I design it. But in the end I learned a lot and I have to say, in Fusion you can really comfortably design the braided middle part of the bracelet.....but just see for yourself. I have recorded the 20 minutes in which I made the design.

Step 2: Print It...

This is the easiest part of the whole process. Just send the design to your 3D print service provider of your choice and wait until your design is in your mailbox.

Step 3: Braided Strap or Leather

Just attach the braided ribbon or a nice leather strip and the homemade jewelry is ready.

I have to was really not very hard and fun. I think I will design another piece.