Introduction: DIY Room Divider


• Two pieces of 1/2” threaded pipe @ 60”

• One piece of 1/2” threaded pipe @ 48”

• Two 90 degree pipe elbow joints

• Two floor flanges

• Four 1” wooden blocks @ 4” x 4”

• Two ¾” panels of plywood @ 60”l x 20”h

• One ¾” panel of plywood @ 60”l x 3.375”h

• Three ¾” panels of plywood @ 3.375”l x 20”w x 3/4”

• Four industrial casters

• One box of 1 1/2” wood screws

• Sculpt Nouveau: Universal black patina

• Danish Oil

• Wood Glue

• 7/64” Drill Bit

• 11/64” Countersink Driver Bit

• Two Pony 6in. Clamps

• “Drill Hole” + “Caster” Paper Template


• Power drill with assorted bits

• Pencil

I include a list of materials, tools, dimensions, and images for the participant to use as a guide for their own creations. The participants are free to express themselves and are encouraged to paint the base of the plywood box to add their own signature flair.

Step 1: D.I.Y. Room Divider

Have plywood cut at local hardware store:

• Top + Bottom: Two ¾” panels of plywood @ 60”l x 20”h

• Back: One ¾” panel of plywood @ 60”l x 3.375”h

• Sides + Middle Beam: Three ¾” thick panels of plywood @ 19.25”l x 3.25”h

Step 2: Laying Out + Drilling Holes

Layout the bottom panel @ (60”l x 20”h) with the three side pieces @ (20” x 3.375”), and the back panel @ (60”l x 3.25”h). Clamp, and flip over to pre-drill into the bottom face.

Step 3:

Use the “Drill Hole” template to mark where you will pre-drill into the plywood box.

Step 4:

Once all holes are drawn, proceed to pre-drill the holes with a 7/64” drill bit to drill through the bottom piece @ (60”l x 20”h x ¾”w) and 1/4” into the clamped side and back panels. Next switch the drill bit with the 11/64” counter sink driver bit holes 1/8” deep in into the plywood.

Step 5:

Once the back panel and the three beams are secure, apply a dab of wood glue before screwing together.

Step 6:

Place the top piece @ (60”l x 20”h) to the top of the side beams. Clamp the top panel to the base of the box. Then using the same “Drill Hole” template, mark where you will pre-drill into the top panel.

Step 7:

Using the logic of STEP FOUR, start with the 7/64” to pre-drill through the top piece and 1/4” into the side and back panels. Now switch to the 11/64” counter sink driver bit.

Step 8:

You may proceed to add glue to the top faces of the side beams and back panels. Make sure to place the top panel directly on top of the side and back panels with even edges. Clamp, then screw in wood screws. You now have a big box!

Step 9:

Using the paper template for the flanges, layout where you will predrill your holes. Next place the “Caster” template where the 4 casters will be placed on the bottom of the plywood box. Using the power drill attach the 4 casters to the bottom of the box using the galvanized screws, flip over to attach the 2 flanges to the top panel of the box using wood screws.

Step 10:

Attach the 3 pieces of threaded pipe using the 2 elbow joints before attaching to the flanges on top of the plywood box. Once the three pieces are secure, attach to the two flanges on top of the plywood box. You now have a portable room divider and storage rack!