Designer Covered Kitten Litter Box




Introduction: Designer Covered Kitten Litter Box

So my boyfriend and I are getting a 8 week old kitten in a week, and we both wanted litter boxes in our bathrooms. SO i went threw all of this work to make a castle box just to find our that it does not fit!! however my second choice seemed to turn out just as awesome. 

We will eventually train our kitten to use the toilet... yes i said toilet, but until he is big enough we are making him kitten boxes. 

 So if you like what you see so far keep on to step 2 :D

Step 1: Make Sure It FITS Your Space

Step 1 find a box that fits your space! I by change did not follow this step but got lucky with my box, It just barely fits. Our kitten is a Little boy, and i was going to make him a castle. However after building all of the towers and put them on the box, i found that 2 of the 4 towers fit. so i scraped the cutesy boy box and made the box match my already existing trash can.  

Step 2: Carve Your Box

Step 2: decide how you want the basic shape of your box to look like! and  mine has a removable top so i can get in there and clean out the litter box :D 

Step 3: Paint or Cover the Box

Decide how you are going to paint your box, mine is to match my trash can

Step 4: Assemble Your Box

Assemble what ever extra parts that you have made fro your box, such as castle towers, mini balcony, litter box, and other creative cute kitten things.

Step 5: Place and Your Finished

Place the kitten litter box where you intend to put it and your finished.

Note: put it where kitten can get to it, and where it wont be smelled by everyone :D and remember to clean it out, cause if you can smell it imagine what your kitty can smell..

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    6 years ago

    This is exactly the how to, DIY I've been looking for through endless (albeit instructive and often awesome ideas, though not what I needed) pages, sites and pins! I'm about to make it now, with my 3 y/o daughter helping with decorations!! Thanks so much for the how to, and I love the design you went with, btw!!