Introduction: Designing Parts of the Wheel Assembly(for Rockies)

This is a final Tad class instructable about making a wheel.

For my part, I am focussing on making individual parts. You will find another instructable on how to assemble these parts on the instructable website.

we will go through making individual parts.


A fully functional laptop with an updated Autodesk inventor (2019 and above)

previous knowledge in inventor might be needed or with common sense, you can follow along.

Step 1: Base Plate Sketch 1

Draw the sketch as shown in the picture.

Note: make it symmetric on the y-axis

Step 2: Excluding Base Feature

this a follow up the step from step 1

choose the exclusion command

choose the symmetric option of 78 mm

Step 3: Holes on the Base Plate

Draw four holes as shown below using the circle option and use these dimensions to contain it as shown above.

Note: make the circles symmetric on the two axis

Step 4: Excluding Step 3

select the exclusion command and choose the cut feature

select cut through all

Step 5: Baseplate Fillets

Select the fillet command and select four corners as shown in the image

Step 6: Part 2(Wheel)

the first sketch of the wheel.

make the following diagram.

using linear diameter on this part. and use construction lines

apply constraints as shown in the image

Step 7: Wheel Extrusion

For this, we are to select the revolution command

choose the angle to be 360 not 270 as shown

Step 8: Fillets Around the Wheel

Choose the fillet command and select the edges as shown.

radius =3 mm

and don't forget the bottom.

Step 9: Part 3 (Bracket)

The most challenging out of the four parts.

I will take 9 steps to do all the features.

starting with this

draw the first sketch and constraint it as in the image

Step 10: Excluding the Sketch From 9

select the exclusion command

do as in the image.

12 mm depth

it should be toward the back( vital for next features)

Step 11: Incline Feature

select the sketch command and choose the y-z plane as shown.

it should be from base to top( the hanging cylinder).

Step 12: Excluding the Inclined Feature

select the exclusion command

and exclude symmetric as shown

Step 13: the Main Body

rotate the diagram and draw a sketch on the back of the incline.

only use the dimension given

to make the drawing symmetric use the tangent constraints.

Step 14: Exclude Connecting Sketch

exclude 10 mm as shown

Step 15: the Base of the Bracket

on the feature from 14, draw the sketch in the image

Step 16: Excluding the Base

do as in the image

Step 17: Bracket Round Fillet

select the fillet command

select the two front edges

radius 12mm

Step 18: Edge Smoothing Fillets

choose the fillet command

radius 3mm

and choose all the edges shown

Step 19: Hole and S Face

choose the hole command

select commands as in photos.

Step 20: Part 4 (Axel)

start a new part and sketch a circle of 20 mm

exclude it 78mm as shown symmetrically

Step 21:

select new sketch

choose the XY-lane

center point circle and exclude 55mm symmetric

Step 22: Final Step Chamfer on Axel

Select the chamfer feature.

distance 2mm

angle 45

repeat on the backside too