Designing Tower Top Base

Introduction: Designing Tower Top Base

Follow this instructable to create the tower top base.

Step 1: Circle

Our group took measurements of the sensors and incorporated the measurements into the design on OnShape. With the measurements we created a design with the following steps:

First. make a circle with a diameter of 64 mm, extrude the circle 5 mm, and then create a hole in the circle with a diameter of 30 mm. Extrude the circle 4 mm.

Step 2: Draw a Hexagon

Draw a hexagon that has the same center point as the circle. Create a point at each of the vertices (6). Then draw a line that is 8 mm from each point to the circumference of the circle.

Step 3: Creating the Edges

Next, draw new lines from the original lines to create 6 rectangular prisms. Extrude the rectangles 5 mm.

Step 4: More Edges!

Draw a line that is 4 mm from each side of the rectangular prisms. Next, find the midpoints of each of the spaces in between every rectangular prism. Then, draw a perpendicular line from the midpoints to the center of the circle. Create a point at each of these points. Then, draw a line from the 4 mm lines to the midpoints. Then draw a line from the inside of the rectangular prisms to the midpoints. Extrude all of the new spaces 4 mm.

Step 5: Extrude More

Select all of the spaces that were just created, and extrude them an additional 14 mm.

Step 6: The Tower Base Is Complete

The Tower Base is complete now.

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