Designing a 3D Printable Hexagonal "Twisty Vase" Using FreeCAD.

Introduction: Designing a 3D Printable Hexagonal "Twisty Vase" Using FreeCAD.

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In furthering my experience with FreeCAD, I designed this simple 3D printable hexagonal "twisty vase" to illustrate the use of the part workbench, and of constrained sketching, datum planes, lofting and a few other significant FreeCAD features.

I've included the 3D printable file "Twisty Vase.stl", but I could not include the FreeCAD file "FreeCAD Twisty Vase.FCStd" as the file was not excepted here in either ".FCStd" or ".zip" formats. If you would like to experiment with this design without having to recreate the .FCStd file from the video tutorial, the .FCStd file may be downloaded here: FreeCAD File YouMagine, here: FreeCAD File MyMiniFactory, or here: FreeCAD File Cults3D, as those 3D printing sites accept the .FCStd format.

As usual, I probably forgot a file or two or who knows what else, so if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask as I do make plenty of mistakes.

As many have asked, yes I am still using, and will continue to use, Fusion 360 for "personal" use and will be publishing some new Fusion designs here soon! I'm learning FreeCAD and publishing innocuous models in order to assist companies (again for free) in producing their "commercial" products using FreeCAD.

Designed using FreeCAD, sliced using Ultimaker Cura 4.7.0, and 3D printed in PLA on an Ultimaker S5.

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