Introduction: Desk Brackets

Those of your familiar with my previous instructables will remember my sit to stand desk.  It's functional, but looks a bit cobbled together and doesn't have the range of motion I'd like.  So, I figured it's time to build a better one.  I got a lead on some Linak DL11 legs, but no mounting hardware.  Time to build something!

Step 1: Design

First, a bit of CAD work in Autodesk Inventor to design the bracket.

Step 2: Materials

A couple of bits from the scrap rack, the laser trick, and some not-so-quick cuts on the horizontal bandsaw later, I've got my raw materials.  Update: Unfortunately, for some reason, Menlo Park got rid of the scrap rack.  It was a pretty great resource, but oh well.

Step 3: Prepare for Welding

With a bit of tenuous clamping, clean up the ends for welding.

Step 4: Welding

TIG weld the flats and the walls.

Step 5: Drill Frame Mounting Holes

Write a bit of g-code and drill out the hole pattern with the Tormach CNC mill.

Step 6: Clean Up Drilled Holes

Step 7: Prepare for Powdercoating: Sandblasting!

Off to San Jose!

Step 8: Powdercoat

A bit of cleaning, a lot of dust, and some cursing at eddy currents in the interior angles and I've got some dusty red brackets.

Step 9: Bake

A bit of cooking...

Step 10:

And a bit of cooling and those dusty brackets are now glossy red.  Now, to wait on the legs... fingers drumming.  Stay tuned.

And, of course, I made it at the TechShop (Menlo Park and San Jose).