Introduction: Desk Caddy

So a friend asked me to make a desk caddy thing. (

But since I like to think I'm kinda handy, I decided to make one, and better.

To start, a list of tools and materials I used:

Table saw, or a circular saw

Drill press, or a hand drill and skill

Flat drill bit set

4x4 lumber


Paper (for sketches)

Coins (help for making circles)

Magnet (Instructions will be added for this when I figure out how to make it well)

Step 1: Sketching

So, I made some measurements sketches and played around with the idea for a bit. But since I did that, you don't have to.

Coins: I used coins to help make the circles and lay out different styles. I'm Canadian, so no promises that this applies, but a quarter is about 1", nickel is 7/8", dime is about 3/4".

Fit: I also estimated the quantity of pens and pencils fit into each size. 1" fits 6 pens, or 7 pencils, 7/8" fit 4 pens, or 6 pencils, and 3/4" fit 3 pens or 4 pencils. A 1/2" hole can fit one thing, and a large highlighter requires at least 7/8".

Keep that in mind as you measure the different sizes of holes. I made 3 sketches on paper, and liked the last one the most. I also plan on making a large bucket, about 2x2", very optional. Also, once you have marked out the spots and started drilling, I would suggest not drilling the whole way at first. I pushed the bit far enough to imprint the wood, and leave me an idea what the lay out will look like.

For the back slot, I would suggest keeping to too far from the edge so enough support is present to keep it from breaking off. I'm hoping 1/2" is about enough.

Step 2: Making the Paper Slot

So I didn't get any pictures of this step, finished it before thinking about it.

We had braced the 4x4 in a clamp and cut it with a circular saw, though a table saw would have been safer.

I placed this cut 1/2" from the back edge. It's an easy cut, and will fit a fair amount of papers.
I would suggest leaning this up against a desk wall to help support the papers or else attach some support.

Later, I will try to add magnets to the slot to hold in place the papers. This is probably unnecessary, but I have an idea how to work it.

Step 3: Drill Holes

Once you have measured out where you want the holes, and marked the board, you probably don't need my help.

Make sure the bit doesn't go the whole way through the board and secure the 4x4 down. First time I didn't, and the top of that board is roughed up. I would suggest securing the board firmly to the drill press table. I fixed the rough top with a chisel and flattened the whole top. A second caddy was made at the same time, which looked better.

Step 4: Finish

At this point, you can do what ever you want to decorate it. Turns out, I have pressure treated lumber, so staining it wont apply well (I think). I will probably paint the caddy, not sure how yet, what colours, ect. Just use your imagination if you have one.

Any questions, feel free to ask for clarification.