Introduction: Desk Drawer Organizer

I had been wanting to try an inexpensive solution to clean up my sloppy desk drawer. 

The local Dollar Tree dollar store now sells foam core boards.  First you will want to to measure the interior of your drawer height as well as the length and width.  Next, layout your drawer items in the places you will want them to be so that you have a guide of how your organizer will appear.  I used a straight edge and razor blade to cut my foam board into strips as wide as the drawer is deep.    Cut the long pieces first.  The side pieces should be approximately 1/4" smaller than the space.  It wouldn't hurt to test fit as you go.  Join your pieces with hot glue.  I held a square against it as it dried to help keep the pieces straight.  After that just insert the assembled unit into your drawer and your done.  I liked the white edge.  However, color it to suit if you like.

The whole thing took me about 15 minutes and cost around a buck.  Thanks for viewing my first Instructable!