Introduction: Desk Fan

Hi and I am here to teach you how to make a simple desk fan.

So there will be simple things included. (Note: the project wont look like the picture)

Step 1: Materials

So here are the materials:

A PC system cooling fan with the wire still attached

A 9 volt battery

Duct tape

Glue (any glue will work but I just used Elmer)

Plastic plate

9 volt battery cap


Step 2: Assembly

So here is were the plastic plate comes in. First you cut the plate for it to look like a base.

Next, put the plate aside.

Now glue the PC fan to the paper plate

Use the scissors to cut the cable holder at the end of the cable not were the PC fan

is connected or it won't work.

Now carefully peel the cable were you cut the cable holder and peel the other battery cap cable

and twist the PC fan cable to the end of the battery cap.

Next separate the + and - and tape them both with the black tape.

Next insert the 9 volt battery into the battery cap.

Then the fan will start running. To turn it off, separate the 9 volt battery from the cap.

Place it on your desk and you are done.

Step 3: Finish

(This is not a step)

Thank you for seeing the invention and I promese to share more if the comments go to 20. If you didn't understand ask it on a comment.