Introduction: Desk From Reclaimed Flooring

it all starts from this top I got off a tv console that was broken.. the cabinet it was on wasn't worth fixing so the newly fixed top needed some where to live again so I wanted to replace my old mdf computer desk.. so there isn't any measurements on this desk because I was reusing something already made..

Step 1: Lots of Old Oak Flooring

I got this flooring from a friend that was redoing their basement floor.. due to water damage.. I started by ripping the tongue and groove off on the table saw..

Step 2: Joining Boards Together for Panels

I used biscuits to join end grain together then run the glued boards down the joiner before I glued them to each other just wide enough to go thru my planer ..

Step 3: Planing Old Flooring Sux

after two sets of blades in my planer from the old finish eating them .. I finally got all the panels glued and planed and trimmed .. the panels ended up being 5/8 thick after most grooves were removed..

Step 4: Together It Goes..

I put the bottom section together with pocket holes... but the top had to be mounted with some added strips screwed to carcass and then the top.. you can see it in the 4th - 5th picture

Step 5: Drawer Building

I started by cutting all my drawer sides with a cross cut sled with stop block.. then came the dados for the drawer slides.. then cut the rabbets for the sides to mount to fronts and backs.. then dados for the drawer bottoms.. I just used the 5mm ply from the blue store.. doesn't look good but it's just a pc desk .. I then just brad nailed the drawers together.. the last picture shows that i didn't have a piece of 5mm ply long enough so theres a section added in and glue with another piece to hold them together..

Step 6: Installing Pulls

I got the drawers done and I saw some counter sunk carriage bolts in my junk metal pile .. so they got cut off short and installed for drawer pulls.. then nailed and screwed some drawer runners to cabinet.. the last picture is were my nail gun blew a o-ring on the piston and after I remembered that I had another gun I finished the drawers... first I had to put bearings in my table saw and then fix my brad nailer .. kind of takes the fun out wood working when you have to fix something every project..ha

Step 7: Putting on Feet and Finished

I used the legs off my old desk.. then got my drawers installed.. I like the color of this oak flooring.. but really it was ugly as flooring.. hope you like it

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