Introduction: Desk Led Rgb Lamp Controll WeMos D1+android App+WiFi

We make a desk lamp using a RGB led strip and a WeMos D1 wifi board and control via android the led strip

Step 1: Components Required

The project is cheap and the components are simple to find.

  1. 3 X transistor TIP120
  2. 3 X 170 or 220Ωhm
  3. Mic Arm Stand Microphone Suspension Boom Scissor Holder for Studio Broadcast PN
  4. aluminum oven dish for lunch
  5. piece of cardboard
  6. 2meter 4-core cable
  7. Male and female usbpcb
  8. Arduino WeMos D1
  9. Aluminum Heatsink Transistor Radiator Heatsink Cooler Cooling
  10. Led Strip
  11. Carbon 3d sticker
  12. box electronic construction
  13. power supply 12V 1 amp

Step 2: Circuit Scheme

I started sticking resistance of the left foot of each transistor and then place coolers in each transistor.

Subsequently, joined by a wire of each resistor and the other end of the cable to connect the pins of board.

The right legs should be connected to the gnd of the board.

The middle legs should be connected to Led Strip.

Now from DC jack connect the negative of DC to the ground of the board and the positive of DC to the positive of Led Strip.

In the middle of the cable, I place the female plug into the side of the transistor and the male usb at the side of led strip.

After that, they all should be placed in the electronic construction box.

Step 3: The UDP Communication

The Communication between the WeMos D1 and android applications is by sharing udp packets.

The WeMos D1 is the udp Server and the android app is the client.

Every packet has the header which includes IP address, port and other information(where the packet goes, how is the receiver) The other packet has the Data, which is the message/command which tels to WeMos what we want to make, open leds for example

You can see an example of packet and the communication in following images.

Step 4: Set Up the Office Lamp

Start with the aluminum oven dish for lunch and cut the cardboard (sizeof the back) and glue it.

Then place the ledstrip inside of the aluminum oven dish for lunch. I open a hole and pass the cable from that hole. And make another hole to screw it on the Mic Arm Stand Microphone Suspension Boom Scissor Holder for Studio Broadcast PN.

In the end, we stick the sticker outside on the aluminum oven dish for lunch.

Finally, set up in the desk the arm and then connect the usb.

Here is a video where you can see step by step how to
do the above::

Step 5: Android Application

The application is written in android studio.

The application provides the ability to open, close the lamp and differential effects give as the option to choose the color of the lamp.

The ON button: This button lights up in white color as a common lamp.

The OFF button: In any condition, this button turns off the lamp

The three SeekBars: Each of these corresponds to a color Red, Green and Blue. This give us the ability to make mixing colors.

Our next five buttons provide effects to surprise our friends, relatives, our girlfriend or our friend.

Step 6: The End

Connect the usb cable of led strip to the usb of TIP120.

Demonstration video on how it works

I uploaded here the app:

new application new application

And the code of Arduino is here:


coomig soon for arduino with erthenet sield

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