Introduction: Desk Tidy

This Desk tidy is made of two separate 3D printed components and polypropylene. For this project you will need access to a 3D printer, polypropylene, a Stanley knife, chisel and sand paper to refine the 3D printed components.

Step 1: Download and Print STL Files

When printing make sure to select the option to print using supports.

Step 2: Refine 3D Printed Parts and Remove Supports

Use a chiesel to remove the supports. Then use sand paper to smooth any rough edges or corners.

Step 3: Cut the Polypropylene

    Cut 9 lengths of Polypropylene using a Stanley knife, cutting mat and steel ruler.
    • 3× 265mm×35mm For horizontal lengths
    • 6×105mm×30mm For vertical lengths

    Step 4: Slot Vertical Lengths of Polypropylene Into the Base

    Make sure all lengths are equally spaced and straight.

    Step 5: Place Top on the Vertical Lengths of Polypropylene

    Make sure to insert one piece at a time.

    Step 6: Weave Horizontal Strips In-between Vertical Strips

    Leave beginning and end of the strips on the inside of the desk tidy for a cleaner finish.