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It's been awhile since I've been able to make something for myself.
Recycled motorcycle parts, hand fabricated acrylic, LEDs.

The main assembly is a rocker cover from a Honda Spada with a cut down crankshaft, also from the Spada.
Welded to the crank are the two pistons. I drilled and tapped hopes through the top for a M13 bolt which I had centre drilled and tapped an M5 thread with a lathe. This bolt is to support the acrylic mushroom caps and LEDs.
I also welded  one of the gear box gears to the front and back of the crank to finish the ends,

The crank shaft is supported by white translucent acrylic cradles I fabricated from cut acrylic parts and glue.
These are bolted to the rocker cover with the original bolts used to bolt it to the motorcycle engine.
There are two crank bolts welded to either side of the crank to balance it in the cradle. 

The mushroom caps are acrylic triangles,  I calculated the dimensions for the size of the hexagon and the height.
The edges were beveled with a table router to allow the pieces to fit flush on the outside.
Acrylic glue and masking tape were used to hold the pieces in place while they were drying.
The outer edges were sanded to create a small radius. This was to allow the red adhesive vinyl to stick properly. It tends to lift on sharp edges. The red vinyl was cut on a vinyl plotter. It was cut slightly larger than needed, then trimmed to fit.

The LEDs wrapped around the main supports for the acrylic caps. I used some woven nylon sheath I cut from a broken HDMI cable to hide the wires for the LEDs. I had the chrome toggle switch lying around in a draw for ages.
The transformer for the LEDs is in the rocker cover, bolted in with brackets

I finished it with a quick polish of the front and back faces and piston head. I sprayed the inside of the pistons and crank black.
Finished the whole thing in clear. The rocker cover was wire wheeled down to bare aluminum roughly. I then went over it with a scotchbrite pad, finally finished in clear.

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