Introduction: DeskOrganizer(Silly Solutions)

My messed up desk was my biggest problem while my exam :D

So i created an desk organizer for pencils and my phone.

Because i LOVE electronics i addet two USB ports 2 speakers and some Neopixels at the bottom

also i addet a micro USB plug to charge the phone.

Step 1:

First ad an cube and set the radius to 3mm.

Than cut of the edges to get a clear edge

Step 2:

After that you have to duplicate the cube, move it slightly to the right and down.

Group the two cubes to get a round inner corner

Step 3:

Duplicate the shape and arrange so you get a "C".

Expand it ad far as you want (100mm in my case) and close the endings with another "C"

Than close the side with another cube.

Step 4:

Do the same steps for the foods

Step 5:

Bring the two parts together and duplicate+mirror it

Step 6:

Now you can add some things like USB ports, a pen tray, a phone stand, speakers or LEDs

Step 7:

Here are the files.

Maybe i will upload some photos of the final product soon

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