Introduction: Pen Holder Astromech Droid

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Well, For any Space Exploration Journey, you need an Astromech Droid.

So while you plan your trip to space from your workstation, its good to have a mini Droid on your desktop. It would provide you assistance and you could also get acquainted with it.

You may think that these little buggers are mindless, but don't be fooled. Be good to them, for when a Droid strikes a friendship with you, its for a lifetime or ......till its chips are fried to a crisp :)

So go make a droid who could assist you one day, in your travel to a Galaxy far far away.......

May the Force be with you....

For this Droid, you will need :

  1. Scrap bottle for body.
  2. 1/2" PVC pipe.
  3. IR sensor module.
  4. One Micro Servo.
  5. Old pen Springs (2 Nos)
  6. Arduino Uno.
  7. Cheap toy speaker.
  8. Glue and newspaper for Paper Mache and some cardboard.
  9. Gluegun, Masking tape , Flat brush and Thread.
  10. Water Colour, paint brushes, Sketch pen and at least a bit of Artistic skills.

Step 1: Body Basics

  • The body is made by cutting a Plastic bottle.
  • Its legs are PVC pipes cut ang glued to a platform of your choice. Here I have a Cardboard base.
  • Its head is made from craftwork. You could also use the bottle upper portion too.Opening and closing Action is achieved by gluing Two Springs to the body and head as shown in the images.
  • Attach a string to its head with a glue gun. The strings other end is to be connected to a micro servo arm. Glue the servo to the back of the bottle and voila... you get a Open close Mechanism.

Step 2: Art Work

  • We are coating our droid body with Paper Mache.
  • Mix one part glue and water and cut some newspaper.
  • Apply the cut newspaper with glue mixture using a flat brush.
  • Create a nice layer over the body.
  • Use paper rolls to create shape for the legs as per your Droid designs. Here mine is an R2D2.
  • Once it is done, use Black Sketch pen to sketch the front panel designs and leg designs.
  • Then start painting as per your design pattern and colour schemes. Try to make your own customized Droid.

Step 3: Arduino Circuitry

Circuity is as per the image above.

IR sensor output =Analog pin0 // since my sensor gave analog values.

IR sensor +ve = digital pin 12;

IR sensor -ve = digital pin 13;

Servo input= digital pin 9,

Servo +ve = +5 v;

Servo -ve = Gnd;

Speaker Terminal 1 = digital pin 8;

Speaker Terminal 2 = Gnd;

I got a cheap toy speaker as I didn't have a Buzzer. \

Connect any one terminal to ground and the other to digital pin 8

It worked pretty fine and looked nice on my Droid.

Step 4: Codes

The code is pretty simple, except the Sound part.

The R2D2 Buzzer sound code does not belong to me. All credit for the R2D2 sound goes to Mr. Douglas Esteves

You can find it in Github

PS- This is my first instructable.

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