Introduction: Desklamp Repair With Oogoo and Epoxy Glue

In this instructable I will fix a broken desk lamp using Oogoo to make a mold that will be used to cast epoxi glue (or epoxi resin if you can get your hands on some..).

Even though this instructable solves a very specific problem, it may inspire you to adapt the solution to fix other things.

Step 1: Materials

  • Silicone (for making Oogoo);
  • Corn starch (for making Oogoo);
  • Plastic cup;
  • sharp knife
  • Ice cream popsicle or other disposable stirring rod;
  • 10mm wide rod (plastic or metal);
  • 11mm draper square;
  • Power tool with cutting disc;
  • 2mm drill;
  • 3.5mm drill;
  • hot glue gun;

Step 2: Mix the Oogoo

First, make the incredible Oogoo (A can't get enough of this stuff! :D) by mixing equal parts of Silicone and Corn Starch (1:1 ratio) on the plastic cup. If you care for a tip (that I didn't follow as I sorely regret...), don't add all the corn starch at the beginning. Instead, keep mixing the silicone and progressively add the corn starch. This way you get an even mixture faster and minimize the mess ;).

Step 3: Make the Mold and Cast the Epoxi Glue

Simply stick the 11mm square draper on the 10mm rod, so it makes a bulky end, and cover all with Oogoo. It should take about and our or two to cure the Oogoo, but to be sure, I always leave it over night.

When it cures, gently pull the rod out of the Oogoo, and with the help of a sharp knife, cut the mold wide open, but BE CAREFUL NO TO CUT IT IN HALF PIECES! that will make it much harder to align when casting.

Next is time to mix the epoxi resin. I've used epoxy glue (Araldit) because I could not find any regular epoxi resin, but if you can find it, it should work just as well.

Fill the mold with the epoxi glue, close it, put some rubber bands around it to avoid glue spillage and (now the hardest part of them all, at least for me) wait....a lot! so that the glue cures. I left mine to cure one whole week.

Step 4: Prepare Piece to Insttalation

After the glue cures, open the mold and take the casted piece out. In my case, the glue did not stick to the Oogoo as I was afraid, which made job easier since I was preparing myself to cut away and sand all the Oogoo out of the cured epoxi piece.

Use a power tool with cutting disc to trim both the piece and the lamp rough edges so you get a nice fit when installing.

Next, take the drills, and open a 2mm hole on the largest side of the epoxi piece, and another 3.5mm hole going through the thinest part, as shown on the pictures. Use the same 2mm drill to open a hole on the lamp as well.

Step 5: Final Assemble

When all the holes are done, take a 2.5mm wood bolt (the wood bolt ridges are more prominent), screw the piece (:P) in place and finish off with some hot glue to make a tighter fit and your done!

Hope you enjoy it!

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