Introduction: Nightlight Desk Lamp

How i made a desk lamp


Products are as follows:

1 Smart Water bottle, the 33 oz. size

A 2.5 inch branch that.. would fit into the bottle

Epoxy was Dr. Crafty 1:1

Fairy lights were purchased, which required a USB connector

USB power supply

Step 1: Trim


Cut the top off the water bottle. (example not the real Smart Water bottle):

Step 2: Trim

Trim the bark off the branch to fit into the bottle.

After removing the bark and getting the wood to fit.. you can go ahead and stain it any color you like. I used MinWax Ebony

Step 3: Cut the Branch

Cut the branch in a diagonal.

I originally wanted another shape, but this looked better.

After cutting, you can then apply the stain.

Step 4: Start Assembly

After the stain is dry, you can start the assembly.

Put a spot of hot glue on the branch end, and slide the branch half into the bottle.. remember this will be the top of the lamp when complete. Now fill with epoxy. Only fill the bottle enough to cover the wood.

I created a template to hold down the wood so it
didn't float in the epoxy.

Step 5: Drill a Hole

Drill a hole in the bottom of the other half of wood, and insert the fairy lights.

Coil the lights so they fit nicely into the bottle.

Step 6: Fill

Fill the rest of the bottle up to the top with epoxy.

Tape the wood to the outside so it doesn't float in the bottle.

Make sure it is not leaking around the USB cutout.

Now this is where I had a problem... I added too much epoxy at this step.

Step 7: Remove Bottle

After waiting for the epoxy to set, I then removed the bottle.

The bottom needed to be cleaned up a little... so I trimmed off about an 8th in to make it flat and smooth.

I also finished it by adding a piece of felt to the base, to make it slide on the desk surface.

Step 8: Finished

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