Introduction: Desktop Controlled Workdesk Lights

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Hey geeks, I am again here with my new project ie: IoT Controlled Workdesk Lights. The idea starts with an instance when I forgot to turn off my workdesk lights when somebody calls me downstairs. I got an idea of IoT switch from which I can turn off the lights remotely. But if I had the time to switch off the lights by remote control, then I could switch off the physical switch too. So I dropped this idea.

Then one day I noticed that when I when away from my system Skype automatically set my status. I immediately decided to set my desktop to control the lights. So here is the build log of this interesting project...

Step 1: System Architecture

The whole system is based on IoT cloud service Blynk. Each node is connected to Blynk Cloud Service. In my case there are 3 nodes:
1. Lights
2. Desktop
3. Mobile

Lights node is controlled by Desktop and Mobile device.

Step 2: The Software

As I use Ubuntu, I started to search some sort of trigger handler when computer goes in sleep mode on inactivity. But in default program there is nothing like Pre or Post trigger handle. Then I decided to write my own code to control the sleep and inactivity. I coded this part in Python.


I used Mongoose Os on ESP8266. As it is very easy to configure and fast as well. Also it comes with Blynk library.


Blynk has a awesome mobile app. In the app you can add buttons, sliders etc. very easily.

Step 3: Electronics

I first created the circuit on bread board. After successfully testing the circuit on bread board I designed the PCB layout in Eagle.
I used toner transfer method to transfer the design on copper clad, used FeCL3 for etching.
Mounted the components on the PCB board. And also mounted the PCB on a Plastic board using standard standoffs along with AC to DC Power Supply. I finally smook tested everything.

Step 4: Conclusion

After fitting all the parts on the workdesk roof, the result was satisfying. Now I can control my lights with Desktop Sleep and as well as Mobile device can also control the lights.

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