Introduction: Desktop LED Lamp

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This lamp is made out of left over scrapes from PVC pipes.

Good to have it on your Computer Desk while working on your PC.

The light is bright and you can adjust the angle of light to fall on your Keyboard or notes.

The Lamp head is Adjustable so that it can be turned up or down.

Step 1: Parts You Will Need.

PVC Pipes cut to size as per your requirement.

12 No. of  Extra bright, White 8mm LED’s

1No.  Step down Transformer 220VAC to 6VAC. 500mA.

4 No. Diode 1N4007  for Bridge Rectifier.

1pc. Condenser 100uF 63 volts ( anything between 25 to 63 volts will do)

Wires, solder etc.

Step 2: Cut and Assemble.

The parts of the PVC pipe is cut and fixed to make the structure of the Lamp.

Step 3: The Circuit

Follow the circuit and solder the parts.

The Transformer is placed inside base of the lamp.

LED’s are soldered as per the circuit diagram.

Step 4: Done.

Assemble the lamp as per your choice.

Plug in, switch on and enjoy.

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