Introduction: Desktop Monitor Stand and Charging Station

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I have a standing desk in my office, but it has a few problems. The first is that the desk gets too cluttered with all of my devices. The other problem is that my neck often hurts from having to look down at the monitor all the time. And the last big issue is that I have no desk space for writing or drawing on my computer in tablet mode, or even on normal paper. Solution: Build a Desktop Monitor Stand and Charging Station

If you would like to see me build this, check out my video.

3d Model:

3d Model Password: tscmonitorstand


Supplies: ½ a sheet of plywood, pocket screws, wood glue, finish

Tools: Table Saw, Miter/Chop Saw, pocket hole jig, drill/driver

Step 1: Rip the Plywood

First I ripped a couple of long strips of plywood to 10” wide. By ripping all of the plywood at once I was able to ensure that everything wood line up well.

Then I ripped the supports to 2” wide. These will go under the top and the shelf to make sure they don’t bow over time.

If you don’t have a table saw, most Home Improvement stores will do this for you for free or very cheap.

Step 2: Crosscut Pieces

Next I cut all of the pieces to length on the Miter saw while following my 3d model for sizes.

1: 10”x38” for the top

1: 10”x36 ⅜” for the shelf

2: 2”x36 ⅜” for the supports

2:10”x7” for the legs

Step 3: Drill Pocket Holes

Drill pocket holes anywhere two pieces connect. Try to keep in mind what will be visible from the front and where your drill is going to be able to fit to screw them in later.

Step 4: Sand

Sand all of the pieces now, as it will be too hard to sand the inside after everything is assembled.

Step 5: Glue and Screw

Once everything is assembled, add glue and pocket hole screws anywhere the pieces meet. Make sure to think about the order of operations when doing this.

Step 6: Finish

Apply whatever stain or varnish matches your desk and give it time to dry.

I then added some extras to mine, like a power strip with usb ports to charge all of my gadgets. Do whatever works for you.

Step 7: Done!

I used some double sided tape to attach a power strip inside. Then I set up all of my electronics and enjoyed my new Monitor Stand.

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