Desktop Multi Drawer

Introduction: Desktop Multi Drawer

This project is about stationery.

From your recycled items with the least work effort you can make a Desktop Multi Drawer costs nothing.

You can scalable number of drawers or limit it to your needs.

This Multi Drawer kit can save space, organize little items on your Desk and give a beauty touch.

Step 1:


- 3 Plastic containers with suitable size.

- 8 wooden sticks (Popsicle sticks can do).

- Rivets or bolts and nuts what ever available.

- Glitter powder or paint for the sticks.



Cut one side of the container.

Step 2:


Drill 4 holes Ø 4mm on both sides at the bottom of the container.

For the top and bottom containers you’ll need only 2 holes.

You need to consider how the drawers will look when they are collapsed; this is easy done by arranging 2 containers vertically and measuring distances between holes which will define lengths of sticks.

Step 3:


Get the proper length of sticks, drill holes.

Fix sticks to containers either by riveting or bolts and nuts.

Step 4:


Use glitter powder or paint for the sticks.


Add your beauty touch and enhancements to the containers and enjoy your hand made and DIY Multi Drawer.

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    Question 2 years ago

    Nice organizer! I wonder whether it is possible to move the upper boxes to the front while you're not working? So that the popsicle sticks are at an angle and the boxes all stand vertically upon another?

    Or, in other words: Are the drawers "collapsible"?


    Answer 2 years ago

    Sure, and that is what I mentioned in Step 2, Attached Image in This Reply shows Boxes when Collapsed.
    Thanks for your Comment.

    6- Desktop Multi drawer.jpg