Introduction: Desktop Recorder for Free

using old, dead wasted laptop

Step 1: Every Thing We Need Is Display

Get a scrap laptop even if its dead no worries at all

separate display for the laptop

Step 2: Dismental Display

take out all screws

and remove the upper panel

Step 3: Arm

get something strong but light for our camera's arm / holder

i used PVC sticks which are used basically in furniture very cheap but veryy strong

cut two pieces one your main arm (should have more length than other one)

secondary arm (less height)

you can cut arm according to your requirement

Step 4: Inches

these are usally located on the side panel of display to close and open the laptop

take those out

keep all the screw safely

Step 5: Get Those ....

on the lower panel of display you can find these

they are actually used to get screwed

as our inches will have small holes no bolt is going to get in so we will use this and make our screws to bolt

Step 6: Screw In

take both inches and fix those in that pvc using OUR bolt that which has golden back

Step 7: Arm

most of our arm is ready

get a place to fit that arm

Step 8: Camera Movement

get a pot resistor for our webcam's movement

Step 9: Fit

make a hole such that out pot resistor fits in as shown above

Step 10: Wiring

webcam will have 5 pins

whereas usb has only 4

usb color

data + green

data - white

vcc 5v red

GND black

usb has 5v output and webcam operates at 3.3v

add two diode IN1007 such that webcam can get its correct input 3.3v

two pins in camera pinout terminal will be same (use multimeter to check which are those)

those pins are GND connect it to the black of usb

---- vcc 3.3v------------diode------diode--------red----

----Date - ---------------------------------------white----

----Data +-----------------------------------------green--- TO USB





Step 11: Driver and Software

plug in to your computer such that it will load its driver or else do it manually

and install respective webcam software


your desktop camera is ready to shoot anything down......ENjoy

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