Introduction: Desktop Skyrim Signpost

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As we are all waiting for the Elder Scrolls 6, lets take a second to appreciate the detail in Skyrim. In this build I will show you how I made a miniature road sign (or signpost) from Skyrim.



  • Wood - Any old wood will do as long as it's not too thick. Old pallet timber would be perfect. You just need to cut it down to size later.
  • A round piece of wood for the post - you could use a broom stick however i made mine using a lathe.
  • Dowels - little wooden dowels will be glued to hold the sign together
  • Paint - white and brown
  • Wood stain - I used walnut but any dark coloured stain is good
  • Paper to print the letter templates
  • Wood glue
  • Sand paper - 40grit


  • A saw - I used a table saw to thin out my pieces of wood then a drop saw to cut them to size and put the 45 degree arrows on the ends. You could do all of this with a hand saw and a little more effort.
  • Paint brush
  • Utility knife
  • Drill and drill bit the size of your dowels

Step 1: Cut Wood to Size

The first step is to get your wood pieces ready. Cut them to size with a table saw, drop saw or hand saw.

You will need 7 signs about 35mmx200mm. The wood i used is about 15mm thick.

You will also need a round piece of wood for the post. About 35mm in diameter and about 500mm in length. I made mine using a wood lathe however you can buy this piece or even use a brook stick.

*Keep in mind this whole project can be scaled up or down to whatever size you want.*

Step 2: Scratch the Pieces

If you have just cut your pieces to size, chances are they are nice and smooth. This is not what we want. Use a utility knife, scissors, 40 grit sand paper or some other implement to scratch up the surface of your pieces.

Step 3: Stain the Wood

Rub or brush on some wood stain. I used walnut however any dark coloured stain is good.

Step 4: Paint Your Pieces White

Lightly brush on some white paint onto your pieces.

Once dry, lightly sand most of this white paint off again. The result should look like an old weathered board that looks like it was once painted white but worn back down to the brown wood.

Step 5: Cut Your Stencil and Paint the Lettering

This step is a little tedious. You need to print out the words and cut out each letter with a utility knife. This will result on a stencil you can use to spray paint the words onto the wood.

The font type is Morris Roman and can be found here.

If you don't have any pray paint you can also brush on some acrylic paint.

Ivarstead and Winterhold are painted white and the rest are brown.

Step 6: Glue Your Pieces Together Using Dowels

Drill some small holes into your pieces where you want to attach them together. Apply some wood glue and connect the pieces using some wooden dowels.

Step 7: Display Your Little Signpost

Once the glue has dried you're done.

You now have a cool little Skyrim signpost.

Thanks for reading