Introduction: Desktop Water Fountain for Peaceful Sound of Flowing Water

I have always loved those mini fountains that come as decorative pieces. The sound of flowing water gives you a peace of mind. Dim lighting, a good book, a cup of espresso and distant sound of flowing water is all i need at any point of time to relax.

The problem with the fountains is they are damn costly. So as my wife and nosy kid has gone for a vacation, I thought this will be a good time to make my own fountain.

Step 1: Materials

Pot to hold everything

Smaller pots for support

Chinese submersible pump

Earthen pitcher (can be changed as like)

Rubber pipe used as extender

Wire mesh for saving the pump inlet from the gravel

Gravel/stones for decoration

Water resistant putty for binding

Step 2:

To start with seal all the out lets of the flower pot with the putty.

When everything dries (mine took around 1 hour), put the water and the pump and test for the water flow and height.

Step 3: Safety Net

Now secure the pump where required. I used a pea size putty piece and pressed the pump down. Also put the smaller pots for support.

Take a wire mesh and cut to size. Make hole for the outlet and secure it in place with the putty. Another hour to dry.

Step 4: The Outlet

As the putty is drying, take the pitcher and mark it as to where the hole will be where the pump outlet will go in. Slowly make a hole to the size. I did it with an old kitchen knife. You may want to soak the terracotta pot in water before drilling or it may chip of large chunks or break it too.

Step 5: Decorating

As the mesh is secured, put in the stones to fill it up. Make sure not to put anything in the pump outlet. I just closed it with my thumb and spread the gravel around. Now put a ring of putty on the pump outlet and adjust the pitcher so that it is adjusted properly. You may need some adjustment to set it right. Also need some thing to hold it till the putty dries.

Step 6: Finally

Fill it with water and put the power on. Hopefully everything works fine as you plug it in. You can use it as it is now. Or you can put some decorative pot or plants under the pitcher. Right now in my setup the bottom pot is tilted slightly toward the pitcher so the water cascades in 2 steps.

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