Introduction: Despicable Me Minion Costume

I thought I'd share my recent project where I made Despicable Me Minion Halloween costumes for my kids. This project was inspired by the Trinket-Powered NeoPixel LED Ring Goggles tutorial in the Adafruit Learning System. In addition to the goggles, I wanted the kids to have Minion sounds that they could trigger so I used an Adafruit wave shield with an MP3 speaker and a tactile switch. The wave shield/arduino uno/battery pack combo and the MP3 speaker fit in the hooded sweatshirt pocket and I ran some speaker wire up to and down the inside of an arm sleeve for the tactile switch which was safety-pinned to the cuff.  I modified the goggles arduino sketch slightly so that the LED's were mostly yellow.

As for the non-tech portion of the costume, a yellow hooded sweatshirt, a pair of bib overalls, a yellow stocking hat, black pipe cleaners, black gloves, and a Gru logo complete the look.  For the Gru logo, I purchased these white decals from Amazon but I wish I had purchased black ones instead. Safety pins were used to attach the logo to the bib overalls. The black pipe cleaners are pushed through holes in the stocking hat and trimmed as necessary.

Here's a short video of the costumes in action:

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