Introduction: Despicable Me Minion

This instructable will be teaching you how to make a despicable me minion which is made out of mostly cardboard and duct tape. Hope you enjoy!

Step 1: The Materials

Card board
Glue gun
Scissors or exacto knife
4 Nerf bullets
Yellow duct tape
Black duct tape
Blue duct tape
The normal silver duct tape
Math Compass
Brown acrylic paint
White acrylic paint
Black acrylic paint
Paint brush 
Aluminum foil
A sharpie

Step 2: The Body

Cut out a piece of cardboard with the length of 13 and 3/4 cm with a base of 4 and 1/2 cm. Then hot glue it together making a large tube as shown.

Step 3: The Head

Now cut out a triangle with the base of 1 and 1/4 cm with the length of 2 and 1/2 cm. Now rub it against an edge of a table to give the triangle a curve... You can also use your hand. Make about nine or ten of these and hot glue them to the ends of the body as shown. When you get to the last piece, you might have some extra space which you can use by filling it with hot glue or use smaller pieces of cardboard. I used the hot glue.

Step 4: The Bottom

For the bottom, do the exact same thing with the head except bend in the triangles a little bit more. now that that is done cut out holes in the bottom so the minion looses its point.

Step 5: The Arms and Legs Part 1

For the arms and legs, we're going to use the nerf bullets and the tin foil. First take the end of the bullet off. then take some tin foil and wrap it into like a small stick where it barely can slide through the bullet that way it is strong enough to bend and stay bent in the bullet. Make two of those. Now take another bullet and cut it two inches long. Make two of those. You don't have to put tin foil in those.

Step 6: The Arms and Legs Part 2

Hot glue the arms six cm above the bottom. Then hot glue the legs five centimeters apart. Now make about a centimeters amount of tin foil as shown. Make six of these. After that's done, cover them in black duct tape and tape together in set of threes and tape them on to the ends of the arms

Step 7: The Shoes

Make a rectangle with 3 and 1/2 centimeters as the length and 2 centimeters as the base now bend it all around except for like 1 cm of it as shown. Then cut a little curve out of just the bent part like in the picture. Now glue the two ends together. Make two of these. Put black duct tape on them and hot glue them to the legs with the flat part facing the ground.

Step 8: Covering the Minions

Take the yellow duct tape and cover the whole minion except for the legs and the feet

Step 9: The Over-Alls

Now make the over-alls with the blue duct tape using the same measures as shown. Cover the legs in blue duct tape but leave the circle in the bottom open. Make the over-all straps by cutting out a strip of 5 mm wide duct tap going to right above the arm. Now do the exact same thing on the back.

Step 10: The Goggles

Now draw a circle with the compass on the cardboard that is 6 cm long so open the compass 3 centimeters long. Than make a circle around it that is 8 cm long, so 4 cm long. Now cut it out and make two of these. Hot glue them together, cover it in the silver duct tape and glue it Above its over-alls. Then take the black duct tape and cut out a piece 1 cm wide and wrap it around the silver piece as shown.

Step 11: The Details

now take the three paints and paint an eye in the goggles. after that take the sharpie and draw a smile under it. if needed, you can put a rock in the bottom and then cover the circle in duct tape so that the minion stands up now if you want you can use the sharpie and draw a front pocket on the over-alls and then draw a G on the duct tape and cut it out and put it onto the pocket. then you are done
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