Introduction: Dessert Hamburgers


I always wanted to start a restaurant. How else am I going to have one if I don't have my own homeade recepies.

Step 1: Ingrediants & Supplies

Yellow cake mix
Vanilla Ice cream
Hersheys chocolate Shell
Cool Whip
Carmel Sauce
Strawberry glaze (for strawberry shortcake)
Green food coloring (I used blue and yellow because my mom didn't have any green)
Cupcake pan
Pan grease
Optional: Red and yellow ketchup and mustard bottles

Step 2: Cupcakes (buns)

Get out your cupcake pans, grease, and yellow cake mix. Grease pan. Follow instructions on the back of cake mix box. If it says to have wrappers around the cupcakes when baking, don't. After taken out of the oven and cooled, cut in half. Lay aside. (I made them the day before)

Step 3: Ice Cream Patties

Have Shell ready for use. Get a cup out for easy cutting (you will have to have a slab of ice cream cut into circles).Get your box of ice cream out with a spreading spatchula. Cut a fairly thin slab of ice cream with the spatchula. Use cup to take out small circles of ice cream. After every two circles, cover one side with Shell. Place each two on a plate (two per plate). Stick in freezer after evey plate is complete. I spread it with my hand but I had the idea after we were done to put the Shell in a pan and dip the ice cream circles in it. After it's complete, take each plate out, flip the ice cream and do the other side. You will have ice cream patties when finished.

Step 4: Coconut (onion and Lettuce)

Place half of the coconut in a bag with some green food coloring. Shake bag until green. Put each white and green coconut in a bowl. Place in fridge.

Step 5: Carmel (mustard) and Strawberry Glaze (ketchup)

Optional: Place carmel in mustard bottle and glaze in ketchup bottle.

Step 6: Finished Project

Have everyone come in and put there own together because some don't like certain things (I put everything on mine).