Introduction: Mango Chocolate Raspberry Dessert Spaghetti

Summer is a great time to catch up with old friends at a potluck.  I recently had a gathering and was given the task of bringing a dessert, and as easy as that seems, I couldn't decide on anything to bring!

My mind circled around the following choices: chocolate chip cookies,  apple pie, brownies, or cake. 

You see, all of these are iconic American desserts, but they are also predictable, routine, and safe options.  This is the 21st century folks!  I wanted something a little more edgy and innovative.  I mean, you can only "wow" someone so much with your grandmother's apple pie recipe... let's be honest you can't really mess up apple pie, so any variation is pretty dang good.

But... I was not looking for good, I was looking for spectacular.  And of course, as with all food-related gatherings there is a little bit of competition to see who brought the best item, and I was gunning for the win.

Not only did I want to amaze my friends with a refreshingly sweet dessert (who wants a heavy, dense cake on a hot summer day), but I also wanted to give their tastebuds a unexpected experience.

So, here you have the solution to my dillemma:  Dessert spaghetti. 

With mango/orange flavored "noodles" and a raspberry/pomegranate "marinara sauce" and a Ferrero Rocher "meatball" your friends will be in for quite the experience!   

-It is really useful to have two people make this dessert (otherwise it is difficult to control the noodles...)

-Use a longer tube (which can be bought at a local hardware store) if you don't want to wait for the noodles to set over and over again

-This would go great with a slice of cake "bread" to balance out the texture and flavor profile of the noodles and sauce

-If this dessert is made in the winter you can put the raspberry sauce on warm to slightly melt the chocolate and blend the entire
dessert together

-Play around with the flavors! Mango and orange worked well together because it gave the correct color composition, but be creative

-Agar Agar can be found at many specialty food stores, it is a bit more common than you might think

-If you have any questions, I will try to respond quickly!
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