Dessert With Minimum Ingredients

Introduction: Dessert With Minimum Ingredients

Here is a quick recipe of a dessert.


You will need-

•8-10 Oreos
•100g Semi-sweet chocolate
•300ml whipping cream chilled

Step 1: Crushing Oreos

Take the Oreos and crush them into fine pieces.

Step 2: Making 2nd Layer

•Add 100g Semi-sweet chocolate to a bowl and
keep it over simmering water.
•When it starts to melt add 50 ml whipping
•Keep it aside.

Step 3: Making the 3rd Layer

•Take 250ml of cream and whip it till it forms soft peaks.
•Separate half of it and mix the previous chocolate mixture with it and whip until it becomes consistent.

And remove both of them in icing cones.

Step 4: Final Step

Make three layers one of crushed Oreo one of the whipping cream and one of the chocolate and whipping cream mix.
Repeat Until glass is full.

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    Elaina M
    Elaina M

    2 years ago

    Nice presentation - looks super sweet !