Introduction: "Destructo-BOT 3000"

Ever wanted to build a huge mechanical beast to battle your minifigs in a war of epic proportions? Well now you can! Introducing the Destructo-BOT 3000! This masterpiece of a creation was the result of the combined efforts of L3G0builders Inc. and MASTERMIND & Co. This mega-monstrosity has an array of weapons ranging from air-to-ground missiles, and air-to-air rockets, to a acid sprayer and laser guided, heat-seeking missiles. But that's not all, this baby comes with a fully equipped jet pack and heli-pack that is usable both in air and underwater. It also features an anti-vehicle rocket propelled grenade launcher and an anti-personnel, gamma ray particle beam emitter. It comes in any color of the rainbow and can be fully customized with other weapons of your choice. But that's still not all, build right now and it will cost you nothing! That's right build it RIGHT NOW and you can get this beast for just $0.00 and no extra for shipping or handling. Build yours today.

Step 1: Parts

So, now that you have decided to build your own Destructo-BOT 3000, you need to gather your parts. Follow the blueprints. They will show you exactly what you need. But since you didn't pay for the kit, who cares about the instructions: build however you think best and use whatever parts and colors you have available. (The hose piece is a hair band cut in half and colored black with a sharpie, make sure you knot the ends. The hose is the only "modified" piece in this build, you can replace it with a LEGO hose if you have one.)

Step 2: The Robot

First, build the robot.

Step 3: Jet Pack/Heli Pack

Now build the jet pack/heli pack.

Step 4: Acid Sprayer

Now on to the acid sprayer. (You can make this a missile launcher, or flamethrower, or water shooter, etc.)

Step 5: Anti Vehicle Rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher

Now build the anti vehicle RPG.

Step 6: Laser Guided Missile Launcher

Now put together the laser guided missile launcher.

Step 7: Anti Personnel Gamma Ray Particle Beam Emitter

Now assemble the anti personnel gamma ray particle beam emitter. (You can call it whatever you want.)

Step 8: Assembling the Robot

Now you can assemble the Destructo-Bot 3000. Note that you are free to build cooler and better jet packs, weapons, etc. this robot was designed for additions. Feel free to add anything else that you might want.

Step 9: Finish

Congratulations on finishing your Destructo-BOT 3000. We hope you have a wonderful time destroying minifig armies. You could also entertain your cat, scare ants, or just place it on a shelf. We hope you have fun, because we know we did. =)

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