Introduction: Detailed Cardboard Hand

Have you ever seen a detailed moving cardboard hand? Probably not! That changes now, with this detailed cardboard hand! I wanted to see if you could make one that moves too! All you will need for this cardboard, a razor, some hot glue, string, and some rulers!

Step 1: Cutting Out the Hand!

The cardboard hand is 1.5x the size of a real hand, first we measured the length, and the circumference of the fingers. We then cut out the main shape of the hand. We cut out two of these to reinforce it. (The calculations quickly scrawled on the cardboard was me adjusting the measurements of fingers to the size of this huge hand.)
The picture shows the cutouts of the hand and fingers.

Step 2: Making Sure the Fingers Look Like Actual Fingers!

We cut several sections of the fingers with a razor, although not all the way through. I do four cuts that go vertically and three horizontally for most of the fingers (The thumb is an exception.) Me and my partner eventually cut the horizontal cut all the way through.

Step 3: Glueing the Fingers!

We glued the fingers together, then glued them to the hand.

Step 4: Admire Your Work!

Once we finished we attached a mechanical string system to help the fingers move mechanically. Unfortunetly we could not show this on the instructable.

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