Detailed Pumpkin Carving (Photo of My Cat)

Introduction: Detailed Pumpkin Carving (Photo of My Cat)

I read some other Instructables on this subject and was able to craft this jack-o from a photo I snapped of my cat parading around the living room.

Step 1) Take a photo
Step 2) open your photo editing software (i.e. Photoshop , Gimp, etc)
Step 3) Set the color mode to grayscale
Step 4) use the posterize color effect to make at least three shades , black, white, and grey
Step 5) print the picture and tape it to the pumpkin folding some of the edges to ensure it is touching the pumpkin on all angles
Step 6) by poking holes in the picture transfer the image to the pumpkin
Step 7) using an exacto knife and a flat head screwdriver start to remove about 1/4" of the surface of the pumpkin in the lightest areas 
Step 8) work your way around the image removing less material for darker shaded areas, cutting creates a glowing effect
Step 9) using another copy of the printed image be sure that the image looks correct and make adjustments
Step 10) Enjoy!

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